Dental Bonding


Tooth bonding, also known as dental bonding, is an excellent option for repairing minor flaws such as chips or gaps that we see at The Smile Shop. Dr Mark Levi and our Darlinghurst cosmetic dental team can apply tooth bonding to your teeth in a natural-looking way that matches the colour of your tooth.

If you have a damaged tooth, it is important that you get help for it quickly to prevent more damage. We can create a seamless correction to protect your tooth from additional breaking or chipping.

Tooth Bonding Treatments at The Smile Shop

Repairing a tooth and/or building up tooth material with tooth bonding is a special way to treat damaged teeth. Unlike porcelain dental inlays and onlays, bonding does not require that any healthy tooth material be removed before the bonding material is applied. Instead, Dr Levi selects the appropriate colour of dental composite and applies it in layers to the damaged area of the tooth.

Dr Levi’s aesthetic expertise is apparent as he shapes and hardens each layer with a special light before applying the next layer. This careful, labour-intensive process creates a surface similar in hardness to your tooth enamel.

The final layer acts as a sealant and is polished to become virtually indistinguishable from your tooth enamel. For more technical information about how the bonding process works, click here.

Tooth Bonding Repairs Gaps between Teeth

If you have noticeable gaps between your teeth, tooth bonding can close those gaps by building up the tooth mass between the adjacent teeth, making the gap smaller. This is a common solution for people who have gaps between their two front teeth.

Tooth bonding can also be used as an alternative to more costly porcelain veneers if you have gaps between your teeth or if your teeth are too small for your mouth. In younger patients with too-small teeth, dental bonding is an excellent option to build up the size and even out the shape of teeth.

The Smile Shop Ongoing Tooth Bonding Care Tips

The dental composite material used in bonding is not as hard as dental porcelain. This means you may need to be more diligent in your care of your tooth bonding.

In most cases, dental bonding will last for many years without ever needing to be repaired. If you notice damage to the bonding on your teeth, however, simply return to The Smile Shop so that Dr Levi can assess and repair the damage.

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