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Zoom 4

As years go by, your teeth aren’t as bright as you were a child anymore. You must consider the foods you ate all your life. Those dark colored foods, coffees, smoking and even taking medications which turns your teeth into a yellowish shade. Get your glowing smile back with Zoom 4, the most advanced teeth whitening system which costs $695.

yellowish teeth 1clean teeth 1
yellow teeth 2clean teeth 2
teeth with cavitiesclean teeth 3

Smartbleach 3LT

Maintain a brighter and glowing smile with Smartbleach 3LT treatment. No more unattractive yellow shade teeth and no more hiding. You don’t have to give up eating your favorite foods and drinks as Smartbleach have much power to prevent dullness and lifeless teeth.

yellow teeth 3white teeth
man's mouth smiling showing teethman's mouth smiling showing teeth 2
woman's mouth smiling showing clean teethwoman's mouth smiling showing white teeth
man's open mouth showing crooked teethman's open mouth showing white teeth

KTP Laser

If you’ve been suffering from teeth discoloration, you must consider this treatment as well. This is known to be highly requested cosmetic service since then. The results of KTP whitening generally last up to 5 years, making it the longest lasting teeth whitening treatment available.

super yellow teethyellowish teeth 2
yellowish teeth 3white and glowing teeth
teeth with plaqueswhite teeth with plaques
stained teethdiscolored teeth

General Dentistry

Our treatments are affordable and our payment plans are very accommodating. We want you to have a red carpet smile.

Teeth Whitening

Highly effective professional teeth whitening options, using the cutting edge of teeth whitening technology for consistently superior results.

Cosmetic Dentistry

There are only 2 dental specialties that only focus on esthetics: Prosthodontics and Orthodontics. We major in both.