3 Ways Your Teeth Can Make You Look Older

Image Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/felice-shapiro/how-much-risk-are-you-wil_b_3725385.html

While factors like wrinkles and hair colour may seem like the obvious ways that ageing affects your appearance, bad teeth also have a massive effect on your appearance and can greatly increase your perceived age. In fact, research has shown that a better smile can make people look at least five years younger.  Here are three factors which may be making you appear older and advice on how you can turn back the clock on your smile.

Receding Gums

Gums often recede with age as a result a number of factors including smoking, poor oral health or incorrect brushing technique. The result is teeth that look longer (as the portion of the tooth that is usually covered by the gums becomes exposed) and feel more sensitive. Gums often begin to recede earlier in life as a result of untreated gum disease, as the bacteria begins to eat away at the tissue.

The key to stopping gums from receding is preventing gum disease from becoming periodontal disease which causes destruction of the gum tissue. This can be prevented by regular flossing and brushing, however if the disease is already present, a visit to the dentist is necessary. Another way to prevent gums from being worn away is the ensure you are using a soft toothbrush and not brushing too hard.

Gum Disease

Diseased gums are much more common than you may think, with approximately 1 in 3 people suffering from some kind of gum disease, often without even knowing it. While gum disease is often painless, it can severely affect both the health and appearance of your teeth and gums, giving you an unhealthy, aged appearance.

Having your teeth professionally cleaned regularly, as well as maintaining good dental hygiene, is the best way to treat gum disease.

Yellowing Teeth

The number one way that your teeth can make you appear older is through the discoloration that occurs with age. Your teeth can become discoloured from smoking, coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks and fruits drinks, as well as pretty much any food or drink which is bright or dark coloured. Having your teeth professionally whitened can instantly brighten your smile and drastically alter your overall appearance, helping you to look younger and healthier.

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