A Guide to Keeping Your Tongue Clean

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Ever find yourself waking up with bad breath in the morning? There’s a reason why. Out of all the parts of your mouth, the tongue holds the heaviest amount of bacteria that can lead to bad breath and increased tooth decay. As the tongue harbors bacteria and food particles under thin layers of mucus, it is important that on top of brushing your teeth, you also clean your tongue. Keeping these oral health habits will leave you with fresh breath and a radiant smile for the day.

Here are a few ways you can keep your tongue clean.

Tongue Brushing

Following your brushing routine, you can use the bristles of your toothbrush as well to clean your tongue. Alternatively, there are specialised brushes have tongue cleaner’s built-in on the reverse side of the head.

To clean your tongue with your toothbrush, use a small portion of toothpaste and carefully brush the top of the tongue. Begin at the back of the tongue working your way forward towards the opening of the mouth. Make sure to brush with a gentle amount of pressure covering the entire top surface of the tongue and finish off by rinsing out with water.

Tongue Scraper

Using a tongue scraper will provide you with a more thorough clean compared to using a toothbrush. Made from soft flexible plastic, the tongue scraper gently peels the thin mucus layer of debris from the tongue. After each swipe of the tongue rinse the scraper under warm water.

Make sure to work slowly with gentle and light pressure when using this tool, concentrating on the centre of the tongue where the majority of odour-causing bacteria is found.

How Often Should You Clean Your Tongue?

Just like brushing and flossing, cleaning your tongue should be done twice a day, morning and night. As the last step of your dental care routine, it’s recommended to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash to kill additional bacteria. To help keep your breath neutral and fresh, getting into the routine of giving adequate attention will help maintain your fresh breath beyond the everyday toothbrush.

If you’ve got your oral health care routine on point, but can’t seem to get rid of those difficult stains, visit your dentist for a check-up and professional cleaning. With 30 years of dental experience, Dr Levi specialises in professional teeth whitening and can help you see results for that perfect pearly white smile. For more on teeth whitening experiences or more information on how we can find the perfect procedure for you head over to our website OR contact The Smile Shop on (02) 9283 1900.