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Custom made Trays & SDI gel


We have included an image of the tray so you can see how fitted it is to your teeth. Please do not compare a dentist made, custom fitted tray to the plastic bricks that you get in an over-the-counter or website retailer Teeth Whitening Kit.
A professionally made and fitted tray uses the smallest mount of gel, and keeps it firmly against the teeth, COMFORTABLY!

15 minutes a day for 2 or 3 weeks will make a large dent in the discolouration caused by food, drink, smoking and even medicines.
The gel we use is ph neutral so no acid etching of your tooth enamel, and it’s also high moisture to minimise the dehydration that occurs with other gels. Minimal dehydration means minimal sensitivity after treatment, and minimal colour rebound due to rehydration.
The custom made trays are moulded exactly to your teeth, and ensure maximum contact for the minimum amount of gel. Better still, the trays are re-usable, and you can purchase more gel as your teeth start to lose their brand new whiteness.

Smartbleach 3LT

Quite the difference in the before and after images, isn’t it?

  • No colour rebound – what you see is what you get
  • No chance of enamel etching
  • No dehydration/rehydration cycle
  • And the white lasts for years
yellow teeth 3white teeth
man's mouth smiling showing teethman's mouth smiling showing teeth 2
woman's mouth smiling showing clean teethwoman's mouth smiling showing white teeth
man's open mouth showing crooked teethman's open mouth showing white teeth

KTP Laser

Here’s some true bespoke tooth whitening. Smartbleach & KTP Laser Treatment is impressive in its capacity and longevity of results. It is also the secret behind many a correction of badly discoloured teeth. The results of KTP whitening generally last up to 5 years, making it the longest lasting teeth whitening treatment available.

super yellow teethyellowish teeth 2
yellowish teeth 3white and glowing teeth
teeth with plaqueswhite teeth with plaques
stained teethdiscolored teeth

Nice images, heh?

You’ve now seen what can be accomplished.
Hopefully we’ve answered all your questions and concerns.
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