Smile Tips

Being constantly camera-ready is a great skill to have especially with selfies and instant photo sharing. Sometimes you’ll spend ages trying to get that perfect photo where you’re looking your best, but not before taking hundreds more before it. Maybe you’ll even spend so much time taking those hundreds of selfies only to go with the first one you initially took. There’s no special guide to taking the perfect selfie, but here are a few tips to getting a nice smile ready for your shots.

Be Natural

Don’t try to smile too hard or too subtle. When it comes to taking pictures your natural smile, a gentle, relaxed smile works best. Too conscious about your smile? Open your mouth slightly with your lower lip matching the curve of your upper teeth.

Remember, a photo ready smile is the opposite of the instant smile that flashes across your face when you see an old friend or laugh at joke. These smiles can make your eyes squint and tense your neck muscles.

Stand Straight

Your posture can have an effect on the way you smile. If you slouch or your head is leaning or bent too forward, your smile may look like you have a double chin. Try turning your head slightly whilst dropping your chin so that your face is not completely square with the camera.

Lipstick is Your Friend

Lipsticks have the ability to help cover any yellow stains on your teeth. By choosing the right shade that works with your skin tone, you can make your teeth look whiter. Shades that suit most people are cherry red, wine, berry, plum or rosy pink tones. Any blue-based or pink-based undertones are best for helping hide yellow stains. Beware off choosing the wrong colour as any shade that is too dark or too red may make your smile look artificial or less appealing.

Check your Teeth and Gums

Keeping your pearls camera ready affects how your teeth show on camera. If you’re teeth are suffering from discolouration or any imperfections that are visible to the eye you may want to visit your dentist or try a whitening product. Not only are your teeth important but your gums are as well. If your gums aren’t healthy, but you have beautiful teeth, it may detract away from your smile.

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