Spring Carnival Style Guide

Image Source: https://www.thetrendspotter.net/2015/10/how-to-pick-the-perfect-spring-racing-carnival-dress.html

It’s that time of year again, where the air is infused with a frisson of excitement as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds and people flock to showgrounds across the country for carnival season. This season is all about dressing up, looking your best and having a wild time. So what should be on your style checklist this Spring Carnival season?

1. Outfit

Your outfit, is of course the first thing you will think about when planning your race day look, and choosing the right dress can be tricky. Here are some styles that are guaranteed to be on point:

  • Monotone – is in in in. Go for a matching skirt and top set in the same colour for a trendy, cohesive look.
  • Lace ‚Äì Mid length lace dresses are a timeless look and this seasons lace styles are no exception.
  • Cold Shoulder ‚Äì this look is massively trending right now and looks amazingly chic.

2. Makeup

Race day makeup should be relatively formal but neutral and not too heavy. Heavy eye makeup doesn’t look good during bright sunlight and wearing multiple layers of foundation and bronzer will make your face sweat and your makeup smudge. We recommend making your lips the focus, choosing a statement lipstick in matte for long lasting wear. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen under your makeup to prevent sunburn!

3. Accessories

While netted hats and ribbons are the traditional choice for a fascinator, opting for something a little more elegant like a floral or metal crown will make sure you look chic rather than over the top. As for jewellery, go for a few understated pieces that compliment your fascinator, such as a metal choker or an arm cuff.

4. Shoes

There’s nothing quite as iconic on race day than the image of a tipsy girl taking a bit of a tumble. Don’t be that girl – opt for wedge or block heels to stay steady on your feet while still looking glam. Avoid stilettos; not only are they extremely uncomfortable, the thin heels will sink into the grass making it impossible to look poised and graceful.

5. Smile

The finishing touch of any outfit is always your smile, but this is even more true during Spring Carnival season. Nothing makes you look quite as bright and polished as a shiny white smile. Not to mention the fact that there will be a million pictures being taken on the day and nobody wants to look back and grimace at their less-than-pearly-whites. For a race day smile that will last until next year’s racing season (and the next, and the next) visit Dr Levi for a professional whitening treatment that really works. Call us on (02) 9283 1900 to book now. Plus, if you bring a friend along, you’ll receive 10% off!