Why we don’t use Zoom

Zoom teeth whitening is one of the most commonly used whitening treatment by Dentists in Australia.
We know this because we used to use the Zoom treatment ourselves until recently.
We changed to Smartbleach, and so should you for the following reasons . . .

  1. Zoom uses heat to activate the gel, which can cause pain during treatment and sensitivity afterwards.
  2. Zoom treatment dehydrates the tooth as part of the whitening process. Re-hydration removes some of the whiteness.
  3. Zoom wasn’t going to change to address these problems.

Smartbleach treatment costs a little more, but it directly addresses the shortcomings of the Zoom treatment.
So we changed. And our patients couldn’t be happier that we did.
Click here to learn about SmartBleach 3LT™. The better whitening system.

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