Teeth whitening is achieved by bleaching stains from your teeth using hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide is proven to work both on surface and intrinsic (below surface) stains.
This is the gold standard of teeth whitening, against which all comparisons are made.

Although many natural and alternative methods exist (activated charcoal, baking soda, turmeric) none have been clinically proven to work more deeply than surface stains.


1. GEL CONCENTRATION: Bleaching gels can cause burning sensations, tooth sensitivity, tissue damage and be corrosive to membranes. Only a properly trained Dentist is legally allowed to use higher concentration bleaching methods. All other users, over the counter and online kits, and people in pop-up booths must use lower concentration gels or solutions.

2. TEETH TRAYS: Custom fitted trays from your Dentist, because they fit exactly to your teeth, are the most efficient and inexpensive way to apply bleaching gel. No strips, or boil-and-bite trays will ever come close to this custom fit, nor more accurately keep the bleaching gel in such close contact to where it must be.

3. IN-CHAIR TREATMENT: A Dentist can accurately assess the condition of your teeth prior to treatment, A Dentist will give you an honest opinion on what is possible for your teeth, and avoid problems if your teeth are less than perfect to begin with. A Dentist will also take the proper precautions to ensure the treatment is applied in the right amount, and in the right place, to protect the rest of your mouth.

4. COMMON SENSE: A Dentist stays in one location for many years, and reputation is a critical part of staying in business. A Dentist works on one person at a time. They rely on their patients to spread the word about their competency and positive results. They need to get it right. You may pay a little more for their knowledge, training and investment, but you get their expertise focused totally on you.


Regardless on the method you choose, please go to your Dentist first, and find out if teeth whitening is a good option for you.
And while your there, get your teeth properly and fully cleaned, before you start whitening. It makes a difference.

Dr Levi offers three highly effective professional teeth whitening options, using the very latest in teeth whitening technology for consistently superior results.
He can even work on single teeth if that is what you need. Yes, even black teeth can be whitened.

Our treatments are affordable and, if needed, our payment plans are very accommodating.


Reusable custom molded trays ($250) are an inexpensive, professional quality, whitening treatment available for the budget conscious at the SmileShop in Darlinghurst. Two visits are required, the first to take an accurate moulding of your teeth for off-site creation. During the second visit the trays are tested for fit, you are provided with our special ph neutral gel, and all the instructions that you need to begin your treatment.  Used for only 15 minutes every day, over the next 2 to 3 weeks you will see your teeth whiten to the level you desire. Your teeth should retain their whiteness for up to 3 years or more, but you can easily repeat the treatment at your leisure as the trays are re-usable, and the gel is available at the SmileShop. Find out more and compare trays with our other treatments here or book now by sending in the enquiry form.


SmileShop’s Smartbleach 3LT treatment ($600) is very similar to the revolutionary KTP laser technique – but at a lower cost and with a faster treatment time.  It uses a pure green light source to activate a patented red gel  to whiten teeth without the use of heat, meaning that it is much safer for the health of your teeth than other whitening treatments. This unique treatment system whitens teeth with virtually no dehydration of the teeth or etching of the teeth surface and create longer lasting results. Find out more here, compare Smartbleach 3LT with our other treatments here or book now by sending in the enquiry form.


The Smartbleach & KTP laser teeth whitening system (up to $1500)  used by SmileShop is the absolute gold standard in teeth whitening. This state-of-the-art system is able to provide outstanding, long lasting whitening results, not only on healthy teeth but also on non-vital teeth (such as those that have had a root canal), antibiotic-stained teeth, damaged teeth and teeth which have not responded to other whitening treatments. Another fantastic benefit of the system is that the precision laser can be used to treat single discoloured teeth. Find out more here, compare the KTP Laser with our other treatments here or book now by sending in the enquiry form.

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Highly effective professional teeth whitening options, using the cutting edge of teeth whitening technology for consistently superior results.

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