At the Smile Shop, we specialise in helping our patients achieve a stunning white smile which looks completely natural while maintaining the health of the teeth and integrity of the tooth structure. If you’ve ever wished you could afford the same million dollar smile celebrities flash on the red carpet, The Smile Shop has good news for you. Our treatments are affordable and our payment plans are very accommodating. Dr Levi offers three highly effective professional teeth whitening options, using the cutting edge of teeth whitening technology for consistently superior results.

Zoom4 teeth whitening ($695) is the most commonly used whitening treatment at our practice in Darlinghurst. Zoom is a popular choice because it is quick, affordable and offers high quality, long lasting results. Dr Levi uses the newest generation Zoom4 system to ensure his patients receive the best results. Find out more here, compare Zoom4 with our other treatments here or book now.

Dr Levi’s Smartbleach 3LT treatment ($745) replicates many of the benefits of the revolutionary KTP laser technique – which is the absolute cutting edge of teeth whitening technology- but at a lower cost and with a faster treatment time.  It uses “Laser-Like-Technology”, harnessing the power of light to whiten teeth without the use of heat, meaning that it is much safer for the health of your teeth than other whitening treatments. This unique treatment system whitens teeth with virtually no dehydration of the teeth or etching of the teeth surface and create longer lasting results. Find out more here, compare Smartbleach 3LT with our other treatments here or book now.

The KTP laser teeth whitening ($1800) system used by Dr Levi is the absolute gold standard in teeth whitening. This state-of-the-art system is able to provide outstanding, long lasting whitening results, not only on healthy teeth but also on non-vital teeth (such as those that have had a root canal), antibiotic-stained teeth, damaged teeth and teeth which have not responded to other whitening treatments. Another fantastic benefit of the system is that the precision laser can be used to treat single discoloured teeth. Find out more here, compare the KTP Laser with our other treatments here or book now.