KTP Laser Teeth Whitening

The KTP laser teeth whitening system used by Dr Levi is the absolute gold standard in teeth whitening. This state-of-the-art system is able to provide outstanding, long lasting whitening results, not only on healthy teeth but also on non-vital teeth (such as those that have had a root canal), antibiotic-stained teeth, damaged teeth and teeth which have not responded to other whitening treatments. Another fantastic benefit of the system is that the precision laser can be used to treat single discoloured teeth.

How does the KTP Laser work?

A protective coating is applied to the gums, then the special Smartlight red gel is carefully applied and activated by green laser light. The green of the Smartlight laser and the red of the Smartlight gel are complementary colours. The interaction between the gel and the light during treatment creates a non-acidic teeth whitening process. The result is highly effective whitening that is also gentle on the tooth’s enamel. Academic studies of the KTP system have shown that it consistently gives the best whitening results when compared to other high quality teeth whitening systems.

How does the KTP Laser remove stubborn stains?

Stains in teeth are made up of molecular chains that are resistant to whitening gel. The KTP laser energy weakens the bonds in these molecules, making it easier for whitening gel to remove them.

The active ingredient in the red Smartlight gel is Rhodium B. There are a number of benefits to this gel and green light combination:

  • The gel gets hot, not the tooth.
  • The hot gel breaks down the peroxide so that it moves more easily through the enamel and into the dentine, resulting in better teeth whitening outcomes.
  • As the gel warms up it becomes more alkaline (less acidic). This increase in pH makes the treatment more effective.

This means that the KTP system can safely and effectively remove even the worst stains.

How much does the KTP Laser cost?

This whitening treatment is undoubtedly the best money can buy. The cost to treat the full arch of teeth is $1500. Prices for individual teeth whitening can be provided on enquiry.

How long does KTP Laser last?

The results of KTP Smartbleach whitening generally last up to 5 years, making it the longest lasting teeth whitening treatment available. If you follow The Smile Shop’s simple post-whitening care instructions, your treated teeth will remain permanently whiter than they were before whitening.

How long does the KTP Laser take?

This treatment is incredibly quick -  just 90 minutes for results that last for years.

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