Smartbleach® 3LT

Dr Levi’s Smartbleach 3LT treatment replicates many of the benefits of the revolutionary KTP laser technique Рwhich is the absolute cutting edge of teeth whitening technology- but at a lower cost and with a faster treatment time.  It uses “Laser-Like-Technology”, harnessing the power of light to whiten teeth without the use of heat, meaning that it is much safer for the health of your teeth than other whitening treatments. This unique treatment system whitens teeth with virtually no dehydration of the teeth or etching of the teeth surface.

How does Smartbleach 3LT work?

The Smartbleach 3LT treatment uses a patented process where laser-like green light is combined with a red alkaline gel to create an intense whitening effect within the tooth structure. The interaction between the green light and red gel creates a non-acidic teeth whitening process. This photo-dynamic effect means that Smartbleach 3LT creates whitening without any dehydration or demineralisation of the teeth. There is also no deterioration of the colour in the days following treatment as is common with poorer quality treatments. Many patients who have their teeth whitened in shopping centre booths for example, will have gleaming white teeth for a couple of days before the whiteness rapidly reverts to pre-treatment colour. There is also much less chance of sensitivity after the Smartbleach whitening treatment compared with other teeth whitening systems.

How much does Smartbleach 3LT cost?

This treatment is at a very affordable price of $600. Call now on (02) 9283 1900 to book your treatment.

How long does Smartbleach 3LT last?

The results of Smartbleach 3LT whitening generally last 3-5 years but if you follow The Smile Shop’s simple post-whitening care instructions, your treated teeth will remain permanently whiter than they were before whitening. The Smartbleach 3LT system is able to stabilise small stain molecules, preventing them from reforming into larger molecules, meaning the effects of the treatment last longer.

How long does Smartbleach 3LT take?

This treatment is incredibly quick -  just 45 minutes for results that last for years.

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