Actual patient of Dr Levi

Also known as dental contouring, this transformative cosmetic dental treatment produces subtle changes to the teeth that can create a tremendous difference in a person’s smile and self-confidence. For some patients, tooth reshaping may serve as a convenient substitute for braces, as dental contouring can make teeth look straighter and eliminate minor overlapping. It’s also effective for correcting tiny chips in the teeth and softening excessively pointy cuspids.

How Tooth Reshaping Works

Tooth reshaping at The Smile Shop is the combination of skill and artistry. Dr Levi removes a small amount of tooth enamel in order to modify the shape, length or surface of one or more imperfect teeth so that it is more aesthetically pleasing. Some patients at The Smile Shop opt for tooth reshaping in conjunction with bonding – a cosmetic dental treatment that uses tooth-coloured composite material to sculpt and shape the teeth.

At your initial consultation, Dr Levi will examine your teeth and determine whether the defects that are present in your smile are sufficiently minor to be corrected using contouring and reshaping. You will also have a simple dental x-ray to ensure that the teeth are healthy. The treatment is not advised for people who want to address decaying tooth, root canals or unhealthy gums.

A Painless Option For Reshaping Teeth

Tooth reshaping involves working only on the surface enamel of the tooth, so it’s practically painless and causes no discomfort. It does not require anaesthesia. Dr Levi uses a gentle sanding instrument to minimise the imperfections on the surface of the teeth. The sides of the teeth that are not accessible to the sander are contoured with delicate, sand-paper-like strips. At the end of the treatment, Dr Levi will smooth and polish the sculpted teeth so that they look and feel completely natural.

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